Widely known for his collaborations with indie video game darlings Team Meat, filmmaker James Id embodies the innovative spirit of cinema's most celebrated artists. Id specializes in the bizarre, celebrates the obscene, and basks in all things strange and unusual, for he is strange and unusual. For Id, no subject is too sacred and no aesthetic is too crude to embrace. 

Some artists try to be different or shocking, but Id just is.

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Lakeview Cabin Collection Trailer

March | 24 | 2015

Lakeview Cabin Collection is an ode to slasher movies.  So what better way to announce its release than with an ode to slasher movie trailers?  The video was created almost entirely out of gameplay, and features Jimmy Screamerclauz (director of "Where the Dead Go To Die") as the chain-smoking narrator.  WIth homages to Friday the 13th, The Corpse Grinders and I Drink Your Blood, this video was a favorite among fans of the game.

Lakeview Cabin Collection by Roope Tamminen
Produced and Directed by James Id
Starring Jimmy Screamerclauz as the narrator

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